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Srixon’s 2017 Iron Lineup Review

Iron Lineup

Srixon’s 2017 Iron Lineup Review


Out of view, the first half of 2016 it certainly appears Srixon / Cleveland is a step in the right direction for brands. The new Z-355 irons and woods launched last fall, has been well received, and just last week his new Srixon Soft Feel 2-piece golf ball released. Additionally, brand shelf space in some of the country’s largest retailers is starting to make out.

Cleveland Golf Srixon brands in North America in 2015 and had a very good year. Inventory issues, order fulfillment challenges and lack of retail availability before 2015 Srixon kneecapped Z line can get any real traction. Its parent company’s annual report and its performance as a single “disappointing” it is not the time to be when making any major purchases.

New North American CEO Matt Yasumata, taking over in February overhauling the sales and marketing department and a strategy to increase sales from $ 5.5 million for 2016, a very modest target to hit after mapping out a busy man has gone.

So far, the new 355 line and softballs that promote the development of best irons for beginners. Reinforcements wedges and putters from Cleveland and Srixon new iron and wood, with a complete overhaul of the lineup in September, are on the way.

$ 5.5 million is starting to look quite out of reach.

Srixon One thing you definitely can say about the 2017 product line – are not cosmetic changes clearly.

The new lineup of two drivers (Z 565 and 765), a fairway and hybrid offerings (Z & Z F65 H65), and three sets of handcuffs (Z 565, 765 and 965) are provided. All good stuff, you’d expect from Srixon. But one thing that jumps out at you.

Looks almost exactly like the old stuff, new stuff, especially iron.

Obviously, that is not an accident.

“Yes, look an awful lot like iron our 2015 lineup,” Srixon golf clubs Product Manager Eli Miller says. “We really look very much did not want to tinker with. People actually 545, 745 and 945 irons liked the look of.”

While there are differences in the new line, Srixon huge distance advantage, incredible new technology or any of the other common marketing claim is nonsense. Instead, Srixon 2017 claim for line upgrades, while subtle, noticeable and would be worthwhile for the serious golfer.

It’s a kinder, gentler type of marketing campaign could be?

As we said before, Srixon’s new Z 565, 765 and 965 of the old Srixon irons 545, 745 and 945 look remarkably like irons. So where’s the beef?

“While the look is similar, we just are not releasing the product to the product,” says Miller. “We want a consistent look and feel, but also the concrete improvements that we want to offer it to the golfer.”

You look very closely at new sticks and to compare them directly to the old series, but you will see the Tour V.T. A line is a comprehensive revision of the sole. There’s a look at the heel and toe area and rounding V.T. Has been amended for the sole, friendlier turf is designed to encourage interaction.

Srixon Z-565 is a highly playable new 1020 carbon steel forged cavity back iron states. You are looking for comps, think Callaway or Titleist AP 2 Apex CF 16. Z 565 is a 3-iron all the way through a 56-degree sand wedge available.

Z 565 is also made of a high-power face to insert a material is called SUP10. Srixon says SUP10 17-4 stainless steel is about 10% stronger than the same strength properties, which claims to promote higher ball speed and more distance is to maintain while. Also, new grooves that line 5% in 2015 (new, larger grooves in all of the new irons), and are larger than double laser face milling. Srixon both spin control will promote more consistent, especially in wet conditions says.

Reality Behind Dustin Johnson Success

Dustin Johnson is a terrible putter?

Reality Behind Dustin Johnson Success

That perception and PGA Tour announcers, players and golfers worldwide entertainment were almost as fact.

so he is? Instead, opinion and rumor to believe in what we say, to put our trust in data like this. We call it being #DataCratic.

Today, our resident expert on the PGA Tour’s proprietary statistical data analysis system to analyze what exactly Dustin Johnson, that’s why he’s going to struggle with (the system masters and Dustin Johnson to win the 2016 US Open win Danny Willet raised both) and how he uses can be one of the best players of all time.

Golf fans are always stereotyped players in specific molds – Seve escape artist or as Tamer Watson, for example, air as – and as such they are marked for their entire careers. I personally have always been keen to hold these criteria is truly water.

My favorite modern Dustin Johnson and his three rounds with certainty that putter. Especially those in major championships – – all golf worldwide Announcers have constantly referred his failures and his flat stick very rarely give any credit.

Now, I can see a lot of golf and I have always suspected that Johnson turned out to be as he was not as bad as greens. Of course, I also painted four this year and in the final round at Augusta 5 Chambers Bay in June last year saw a slowdown at the notorious 18th.

Tired of speculation, I set out to get to the data mining and real truth.
Over the past month, I combed over Johnson figures to find an answer – she really struggles on the greens? The conclusion I came to was shocking, largely because it goes against what the golf announcers (and yourself) since he burst onto the scene in 2009, said of Johnson’s.

It turns out that Johnson actually greens almost as ugly as he is made out to be. In fact, bring to the tour in strokes gained his 38th (Mark Broadie of Columbia developed by putting all saying the figure) is better than a number of major tour winners.

Johnson’s putter when I realized that it was causing her distress, especially with its major championship was not why he, as I Spieth, day, and McIlroy at the elite level performers had failed to set out to solve the mystery.

Finally, I have a tendency to explain why Johnson off in the past have failed to help. The same data that led to the greater stability of a change in Johnson’s game (he’s currently 22 in the PGA Tour‘s longest streak of cuts made reveals the owner, and is on pace to set career in the top 25 for single-season best, top 10 and top 5 finishes).

His research is so convincing that I moved here and insisted on MyGolfSpy owner said, “I believe that Dustin Johnson is going to win the US Open at Oakmont.” Apparently, after the last putt is holed anyone to claim to have made an accurate prediction, but luckily for me he believed in me enough credibility to Twitter to post my predictions.

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